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Just a few things before we get to our list. All of these are currently available on the market to purchase, so no vintage, rare or discontinued pedals here. More on that later. I will also include a brief description and reasoning as to why I choose each pedal. Enjoy! #10 Dunlop Echoplex Before delay was in a convenient pedal form it was a reel to reel tape machine. One of the most popular tape machines was the EP-2 EchoPlex.  Dunlop managed to capture the warm vintage sound of EchoPlex in a convenient pedal form. #9 MXR Carbon Copy The...

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With all of the quality guitar manufacturers in the world today, I had a difficult time narrowing this list down to just 5. After much angst and a few sleepless nights, I present to you my top 5 list of Best Guitar Finishes. Drop a comment and let us know some of your favorites!   I limited this list to current production models. We will save the custom builds for another discussion. As I was compiling this list, I noticed that they all have apparent wood grain and a burst to the finish adding layers of dimension to each one. “Is...

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Buying Guide, Guitar Strings, Guitars -

What guitar strings do i need? What is the best string gauge? Do I need coated strings? How often should I change my strings? As a guitar instructor, I get asked these questions all the time. There are so many string choices out there that the budding guitarist can be overwhelmed when making their first string purchase. This string buying guide will hopefully make that process a little bit easier. Quick Rundown Strings corrode and lose their tone over time. They need to be changed periodically so your guitar can sound it's best. Beginners should change their strings at least once...

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Fender, Guitars, Squier -

Summer NAMM may be canceled this year thanks to the RONA, but that isn't stopping Fender from releasing and exciting new line of Squier guitars.  The Paranormal series revives a few iconic body shapes, such as the Super-sonic, Toronado & Cyclone. The new lineup also features a Baritone Cabronita tele and Jazz Bass all around the $399.99 price point. This offers a great opportunity for experienced players to experiment with different setups and tones at an easy to afford Squier price.   >See The Full Lineup Here<   Paranormal Super-Sonic Finish Options: Ice Blue Metallic, Black The Paranormal Super-Sonic™ is...

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