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Need a little extra time to pay for your gear? No problem. Yandas Music is now proud to offer online layaways to our valued customers using the all new Lay-Buy system. Want to put your gear on Lay-Buy? Simply select the "Put It On Lay-Buy" option as your payment method during checkout. You'll be redirected to our Lay-Buy setup page, where you will be shown all the sweet options available to you for your online layaway. Lay-Buy is exclusively powered by PayPal, so you know that all the payments on your transaction are safe and secure!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Lay-Buy?

Lay-Buy is a new online layaway payment feature to help our valued customers reserve the gear they need, while they take the time they need to pay!

For how long can I put something on Lay-Buy

Lay-Buy gives you the option to take up to three months to pay for your gear. During that time your gear will be reserved and patiently waiting for you!

How much does Lay-Buy cost?

An administration fee of 1.9% is added to your total when you checkout using Lay-Buy layaway. This fee covers storage of your item(s) during the layaway and administration costs. Ex: If your order total was $100.00, then your Lay-Buy admin fee would be $1.90.

When will I get my gear that I purchased using Lay-Buy?

Once the final payment on your Lay-Buy plan has been made, your gear will ship the same or next business day!

How much will my payments be using Lay-Buy

Lay-Buy gives you the option to make an initial down payment between 20% - 50% of your total purchase amount. After that, the remaining balance of your purchase will be spread out evenly over the layaway duration you selected during checkout.

How does the payment system work?

Lay-Buy runs exclusively on the PayPal system, so all your payments will be made securely through PayPal. Don't have a PayPal account? No worries! You can pay with just your credit card using the PayPal system just as easily!

How do I make payments on my Lay-Buy layaway?

For the duration of your Lay-Buy, whenever a payment is due you will be sent an email from PayPal, reminding you of the payment, and providing a link where you can securely make the next payment on your Lay-Buy layaway.

Somethings come up. Can I cancel my Lay-Buy?

Absolutely. In the spirit of our 30-Day no hassle return policy you can cancel your Lay-Buy layaway at any point for a full refund. To do so, please contact us.