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Response From A Cymbal That Provides Your Needed Dynamic Range

In the heat of the song, you need a cymbal that will build with your band's dynamics. Nothing is worse than a crash cymbal sounding static at loud volumes! The Contact series crash cymbals from Dream feature a lively stick feel that provides the dynamic range you need. Available in 3 distinct sizes, you can go as deep or as bright as you want to go.

The 14" Contact CrashThis 14" crash produces a fast responding cymbal with a lively stick feel. Like all Contact series cymbals, they are bit more bowed and the lathing, a more traditional deeper cut, produces a higher pitched cymbal with a longer decay.

The 16" Contact CrashThe medium tapered bow on this 16" crash cymbal creates a clear and articulate sound.This is a reference cymbal for a perfect bright but not thin sounding 16" crash. Fast, full bodied and able to cut through a lot of noise.

The 17" Contact CrashThe brighter, higher profile and wider lathing on this cymbal create superior stick definition, The heavier weight of the Contact verses the Bliss line provides a wash that brings out more mid range and higher overtones, making it excellent for siting on top of the band rather than inside.

The Contact series cymbals from Dream feature a uniquely shaped and slightly deeper cymbal profile with a relatively larger bell generating altogether unique cymbal tones. The stick feel for the player is very lively, while the pitch stands out a bit higher, but still rich and warm. The Contact series cymbals are medium to medium thin cymbals that speak very easily and cleanly. Faster and louder, these plates also have depth and complexity in the undertones and a shimmering wash that drives the sound forward and up. Perfect for home studio or demanding live situations.

Contact Series Features

  • Surface: wide deep lathing by hand
  • Bow: medium taper
  • Bell: larger, articulate, clear
  • Weight: medium to medium thin, very fast but solid response
  • Hammering: deep hammered hot and cold
  • Stick: very crisp and fast
  • Wash: higher pitch, medium long decay
dream cymbals logo Cymbal Audio Preview
Contact 14" Crash
Contact 16" Crash
Contact 17" Crash
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