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Earthquaker Devices Hoof Germanium / Silicon Fuzz Pedal

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Earthquaker Devices Hoof Germanium / Silicon Fuzz Pedal

Earthquaker Devices' Hoof is a Germanium/Silicon fuzz pedal that's based loosely on the "Green Russian" pedal. Get one of the most sought-after fuzzes of all time in a compact, tweakable pedal!

Vintage fuzz without vintage cost.

  • Germanium/silicon fuzz design.
  • True-bypass switching.
  • Fuzz, Tone, Level, Shift controls.

Perfect pedalboard features.

The Hoof sounds great and will fit perfectly into your pedalboard! It's a compact pedal that still sports a wide range of sounds. Plus, the Hoof features true bypass switching that maintains your tone!

Fuzz it up with Earthquaker Devices' Hoof Fuzz Pedal!

Full Features

  • Control mid frequency content with Shift control.
  • True-bypass switching.
  • Hand-matched NOS Germanium transistors.
  • Handmade in Akron, Ohio.

Full Specs

  • Controls
    Fuzz: Clockwise for heavy, counterclockwise for light.
    Tone: Bass to the left, Treble to the right.
    Level: Controls the output level.
    Shift: Adjust the mid content. Clockwise for classic scooped mids, counterclockwise for the more modern cutting mids all the kids love.
  • Measures: 4.625″ x 2.5″ x 2.25″ with knobs
  • Power: Our pedals take a standard 9 volt DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative center barrel. We always recommend pedal-specific, transformer-isolated wall-wart power supplies or multiple isolated-output supplies. Pedals will make extra noise if there is ripple or unclean power. Switching-type power supplies, daisy chains and non-pedal specific power supplies do not filter dirty power as well and let through unwanted noise. Do not run at higher voltages!
  • Current draw is 3 mA.

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