Ibanez Electric Acoustic Bass 4-String Bass AEGB24E-MHS

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Ibanez Acoustic Electric Bass

Further evolved compact body electric acoustic bass

A model for left-handed players has been added to the EHB series!

"Many players who want an acoustic bass are" plugged in "rather than unplugged, and play with" finger-playing "such as two-finger playing, but due to the structure of the electric-acoustic bass, the distance between the body TOP and the strings is a solid body.・ Because it tends to be wider than the bass and has a sound hole, it is difficult to fix the thumb in a position where it fits nicely, and I feel it is difficult to play. ”

The Ibanez AEGB: AEGB24E, which has evolved with a thumb rest, is the answer to solve this problem that I learned from my own research, and to expand the possibilities of sound and make it fun to play.

--Original design wood thumb rest

This is the original wooden thumb rest (finger rest) that is the biggest feature of this model.

The whole design is designed so as not to destroy the atmosphere of the rounded acoustic bass and not to obscure the sound hole.

The part where the finger is placed is processed in a stepped line extending from the neck side to the bridge side along the strings.

Actually, the position where the thumb is placed varies depending on the player, so it is designed to support as wide a range of forms as possible.

Simply move your thumb along the thumb rest line to easily change the tone to a tighter sound when playing closer to the bridge and a fuller sound when playing closer to the neck.

In this rest, only the three screw parts are fixed to the body TOP, and the others are floating.

Since the distance to the strings is narrower (than without a rest), it is easy to play and it also helps prevent resonance.

--Sapele Body, Ibanez AEG Body Shape

Sapele wood is similar to mahogany wood and has excellent mid-low range characteristics, making it suitable for bases. The body shape is compact

It is easy to hold and handle.

The neck has a 3pc structure with maple material sandwiched between Nyato materials, and its shape is a slim shape that is easy to grasp.

We have also adopted a medium scale that is easy to handle for players who are picking up an acoustic bass for the first time.

An Ibanez original string with a black carbon coating on an 80/20 bronze wound string.

The carbon coat layer creates a plump sound with rounded corners and reduces finger noise during fingering.



--Nyato / Maple 3pc neck, 32 "(815mm) scale

--Ibanez X-COATED string (80/20 bronze .040 / .060 / .075 / .095) Part number: IABS4XC32

--Ibanez AEQ-2T preamplifier with easy-to-operate tuner (006P battery drive)

--Walnut fingerboard, bridge

--Black hardware parts

--Soft case included

- Body Shape Ibanez AEG body

- Top Sapele top

- Back & Sides Sapele back & sides

- Neck 3pc Nyatoh/Maple neck

- Fretboard Walnut fretboard w/White dot position inlay

- Bridge Walnut bridge

- Nut & Saddle Bone nut & saddle

- Tuning Machine Black Die-cast tuners

- Bridge Pins Black with white dot Bridge Pins

- Pickup Ibanez Undersaddle Pickup

- Preamp Ibanez AEQ-2T preamp w/Onboard tuner

- String spacing 19mm

- Strings Ibanez IABS4XC32 Carbon coated (.040/.060/.075/.095)

- Output Jack 1/4" output

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