Online Band Instrument Rentals

We at Yandas Music understand the special importance of supporting music in our schools. Over the years we have encountered many unique families, all sharing one thing in common - Children with the gift of music! To that end, we have hand crafted our band / orchestra instrument rental program with one thought in mind 'To help every child with the desire to learn music - an instrument to do so! 

Rental Program Features:

  • Affordable - Choose from new or used instruments at great introductory rates!
  • Reliable -Our Rental Program Is Time Tested and Approved!
  • Easy - Automatic Billing - No more mailing monthly checks!
  • Customizable - Rent-To-Own and Short Term Options Available!
  • Understanding - Changed your mind? Swapping instruments is easy!
  • Returnable - All rentals are returnable at any time!
  • Band Director Approved!


$ 967.00*


Your payment today covers all payments for your four month introductary rental period. After your four month introductary rental peroid has ended monthly payments will resume.

This contract will be set up for 24 months (28 months for instruments with a retail price of $1000 or more) on a lease-to-own basis with an initial payment. The contract price will include finance charges at 1.5% per month. The instrument may be returned at any time during this contract period and/or the initial period with no refunds. The instrument may be purchased during this contract period with a deduction of the initial period payment from purchase price of instrument plus an additional 10% off. Payments on this contract will be deducted from your bank account on the 5th of each month. Although not required, your social security number will be requested when you pickup the instrument.

Lessee hereby understands and agrees that Lessee shall be responsible for basic care and maintenance of the leased instrument and assumes the entire risk of loss, damage or destruction of the instrument during the terms of this lease. In the event of loss or damage of the instrument, Lessee at his expense, shall at the Lessor’s option either 1) repair said instrument returning it to it’s original contract condition or 2) replace the instrument with a like item acceptable to Lessor, in good condition and of equivalent value.

Lessor remains the owner of said instrument until contract terms have been fulfilled. Lessor shall have the right to terminate this Lease in the event Lessee fails to make payments due herein or upon 30 days written notice from Lessor for any reason. If Lessee or any other person in possession fails to return or deliver the instrument in the condition in which it was received, normal wear and tear accepted, Lessee agrees to pay reasonable attorney’s fees and costs of collection or recovery and Lessee further understands and agrees that Lessor may consider such failure to purchase or return any instrument Criminal Theft and said Lessee may be subject to prosecution.

Lessee hereby understands and agrees that the instrument may be returned ONLY to Yanda’s Music & Pro Audio, not to the school. Lessee acknowledges that all personal information listed above is correct.

Yandas Rental FAQ
The introductory rental period is a period of time (typically 4 months) in which students are allowed to "try out" their instrument, before monthly rent-to-own payments begin. If the student decides that the instrument is not for her/him, the instrument can be returned at any time. If the instrument is not returned by the end of the introductory rental period, monthly rent-to-own payments will automatically begin.
After the introductory rental period is over, you will have 20 months (24 months for instruments $1000 or more) remaining on your contract. At the end of your contract term (assuming all payments have been made) you will own the instrument, and monthly billing will stop.
Yes! All instruments are returnable at any point during the rental contract. Sorry, no refunds will be given on payments received.
Our rentals allow for one "change of instrument" during the rental contract. If you decide to change your instrument, the payments you have already made will transfer over to the cost of your new instrument. You will be required to fill out a new rental contract at that time.
Yes! At any point during the rental contract you may "buy out" the contract at a discount price of 10% lower than the remaining balance. A great way to save money and time!
Every instrument (new and used) has a "retail" price located on the tag. This price will also be printed on your receipt. Each payment made (including your introductory rental period payment) is subtracted from the total amount due. Finance charges are calculated at 1.5% per month, plus tax, to give you the total amount your instrument will cost.


Tried. Tested. True. Yandas Music is proud to only rent quality Yamaha band instruments to our budding students. Nothing is more important when starting out on a new instrument than having a quality instrument to play!

Average Montly Cost

Wondering what you montly payment will be after your four month introductary peroid is over? Check out the list below. Please note that these are estimates, and your monthly payment may differ.

InstrumentModel NumberAvg. Cost
Snare Drum KitSK275$15.89
Bell KitSPK275R$21.75
Alto SaxYAS-200AD$98.56
Tenor SaxYTS200AD$130.72
French HornYHR314II$125.96
1/2 Size ViolinV3SKA12$38.58
3/4 Size ViolinV3SKA34$38.58
4/4 Size ViolinV3SKA44$38.58
13" ViolaAVA5130S$48.92
14" ViolaAVA5140S$48.92
15" ViolaAVA5150S$57.16
15.5" ViolaAVA5155S$57.16
16" ViolaAVA5160S$57.16
16.5" ViolaAVA5165S$57.16
1/2 Size CelloVC3S12$82.53
3/4 Size CelloVC3S34$82.53
4/4 Size CelloAVC544S$112.98