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10 Best Reverb Pedals

By Miles Margritz September 11, 2020 0 comments

10 Best Reverb Pedals

Like the list "10 Best Delay Pedals" all of these are currently available on the market to purchase, so no vintage, rare or discontinued pedals. And again I will also include a brief description and reasoning as to why I choose each pedal. Enjoy!

10. MXR Reverb

  With 6 different sounds from simple to extreme the MXR Reverb covers a lot of ground. 


9. Electro Harmonix Oceans 11

 Electro Harmonix Oceans 11 The Electro Harmonix Oceans 11 has eleven reverb engines. It combines some classic tones like spring and plate and adds some new ones like mod and shimmer. 


8. TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2

 TC Electronic has been a legend for a long time when it comes to the digital effects. The second generation  Hall of Fame 2 reverb has the famous TonePrint feature along with the new Mash feature. Now with Eight reverb sounds plus three TonePrint slots, there is not much this reverb can't handle.


7. Boss RV6 

 The Boss RV-5 would make it on to so many players boards just for the Mod setting. Plus now that they removed the Gate setting (which let's face it nobody used) and added Dynamic Shimmer and +Delay.


6. EarthQuaker Devises Afterneath Otherworldly Reverb

 This one made the list because it is the most unique reverb I have ever came across. A mix a reverb and pitch shifting but not just octave. This is definitely Otherworldly.


5. Fender Marine Layer Reverb

 Part of Fenders new line of pedals, which they really knocked out of the park. The Marine Layer Reverb has three types of reverb with two different variations. Plus the quality of sound is top notch. 


4.Strymon Flint 


This reverb is unique that it is also half tremolo. While the tremolo is great in and of itself, this pedal hit the list on the merits of the reverb alone.  Both the reverbs and the tremolos on the Flint are made to be faithful recreations of past sounds.

The reverb side has three styles 60s spring, 70s plate and 80s hall. With the knobs having secondary functions you can set the order of the reverb and tremolo or boost and cut the reverb. You can also add a tap/favorite switch that can be used as a tap tempo on the tremolo side or to save a preset on the reverb side.



3. Boss RV500 

 Most of our reverb pedals so far have had multiple sounds but this is the first of what we will call a large format reverb pedal.  The RV500 has a digital read-out screen to see the many menus available, 21 newly developed reverb algorithms, 297 patch presets, midi capability and, stereo capability. The Biggest downside is that it can be complicated to operate. If you like turning knobs this reverb can cover a lot of ground.


2. Empress Reverb

  The Empress Reverb is in the ranks of the RV500 but Empress wanted to give you a super reverb with out all the menu diving. The Empress Reverb has 32 algorithms, 12 unique types, some having multiple versions. It has 35 presets and midi capable through 1/4" TRS in (no midi out). So It may look slimmer in features than it's competitors but that may be just what you need to wright the next hit song.  


1. Strymon Bigsky


Here it is dudes an lady dudes.What we all came here to witness. The Strymon Bigsky has all the features and than some. The "Cloud" algorithm is worth the price of admission alone. It has 12 proprietary algorithms, Midi in/thru, stereo ins and outs, a cab filter and Infinite/Hold function of the reverb plus Bank up/Down at your feet. The BigSky seems like it could be hard to dial in with all those features, a digital read-out screen and a menu system to navigate. Oddly enough it's fairly straight forward and easy tweak.



These are my 10 favorite reverbs, what are yours? Hopefully this list helps you narrow down your next reverb pedal or inspires you to try something a little new and different than what you are used to. Check us out next time for more topics like this!

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