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Pro-Tech Inspection

When you order from Yandas Music, you can rest assured that the instrument you receive will be in peak playing condition. When you see the Pro-Tech Inspection badge, you know that that instrument will be inspected by one of our porfessional technicians at our facility before being shipped to you. Our Pro-Techs ensure that each instrument meets factory standards and is free of cosmetic or electronic defects.

Pro-Tech Inspection Checklist

Incoming Instrument Inspection

  • Check Shipping container for signs of damage
  • Verify All contents, accessories and/or cases or gig bags are present
  • Inspect Case / Gig Bag for exterior scratches or other damage
  • Inspect Case / Gig Bag Zipper, latches and locks and insure proper functionality
  • Visually Inspect instrument for finish defects, scratches or damage
  • Repackage and stored in climate controlled and humidity stable environment


Fit & Finish Inspection

  • Body and finish
  • Headstock
  • Neck & Neck Joint
  • Strings
  • Nut
  • Fingerboard Surfaces
  • Fret edges. File if necessary. 
  • Hardware
  • Inlays
  • Binding
  • Plastic parts


    Hardware Inspection

    • Pickguard
    • Tuning machines
    • Strap Buttons
    • String Tree
    • Battery Compartment
    • Truss Rod Cover
    • Bridge
    • Output Jack
    • Locking Nut (When Applicable)
    • Potentiometers
    • Pickup Screws & Rings
    • Neck Joint Screws / Bolts
    • Switches




    Electronics Testing

    • Output Jack & Plug Fit
    • Potentiometers
    • Pickup Switching
    • Pickup Splitting / Tapping (When Applicable)
    • Onboard Tuner & Battery (When Applicable)
    • Pickups
    • Onboard Preamp (When Applicable)
    • Onboard Effects (When Applicable)


    Playability Check


    • Test Tuning Machines
    • Tune To Pitch
    • String Height
    • Pickup Height
    • String & Saddle Position
    • Frets
    • Neck Relief
    • Tremolo System (When Applicable)
    • Play Test The Instrument


    Tune & Polish

    • Final Tune To Pitch
    • Final Cleaning & Polish



    • Inspect original packaging for sign of damage
    • Repackage Instrument In Original Packaging & Refresh Packing Material As Needed
    • Use A New Shipping Box If The Original Is Damaged Or Weakened. 
    • Double Box If Necessary

    Pro-Tech Setup

    Want your action set to a certain height or the stock pickups swapped out on that new axe you just bought? We have you covered! We offer a full list of services as part of our Yandas Pro-Tech Setup program. Contact us and let us know what your prefrences are to get the ball rolling. Unlike the complimentary Pro-Tech Inspection, the Pro-Tech Setup is premium a service. Visit our Pro-Tech Shop for more infomation.