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A Guide to the Different Types of Acoustic Guitars

By Yandas Music April 21, 2021 0 comments

One of the hardest decisions any guitarist will ever make is what body style they prefer for their instrument. With so many different options available, this can be difficult for players of all experience levels. Understanding how the instrument’s shape impacts its sound should make things more straightforward. Here is a guide to the different types of acoustic guitars.


When people think of acoustic guitar music, they most likely associate it with a dreadnought. This shape is the most common body style among acoustic guitars and has been around since 1916. This design’s large internal cavity is responsible for the bold sound the instrument produces.


Parlor guitars have a smaller body style, which is appealing to many people. It’s grown in popularity in recent years, thanks to how easy it is to transport. These guitars have a high-end midrange, but some believe this leaves parlor guitars with a “boxy” sound compared to other body styles.


At the intersection of dreadnaught and parlor guitars is the auditorium body shape. The body has an hourglass shape, making it easy to rest on your knee while playing. This has made it a popular selection for folk musicians and styles where fingerpicking is the preferred playstyle. Strumming is also an option, as these instruments produce a satisfyingly deep sound that can keep up with other larger-bodied alternatives.


Given the name, it should come as no surprise that jumbo acoustic guitars are among the largest. This body style produces a loud, full-bodied sound that carries easily. It’s an ideal guitar for rhythm players, thanks to the deep bass sounds it can achieve, creating a nice complement to most other guitar styles.


The final entry in our guide to the different types of acoustic guitars is the classical acoustic body style. This body shape is the one that new players are likely to use for training. One of the things that separate classical body styles from others is the nylon strings that make practice easier. In the hands of a skilled musician, these strings are capable of some incredibly technical musical compositions.

For help selecting the perfect body shape for your next guitar, visit the experts at Yandas Music today. We offer a vast selection of the finest acoustic guitars for sale online or in person to fit your preferred playstyle.

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