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Easiest Musical Instruments for Beginners To Learn

By Paige Pesko March 11, 2021

Music is a universal language that everybody can easily understand. Even if you don’t know how to speak the specific language a song is written in, you can often easily feel what the musician is saying by merely listening to the song’s melody. Many people grow a desire to further their fluency in the reading and writing of music, including learning how to play various instruments. Here is a closer look at some of the easiest musical instruments for beginners to learn.


The same instruments taught to elementary school children worldwide are also useful for adults learning to play an instrument. It doesn’t take much effort to produce a sound with a clarinet, and once you can play one note, you can play them all. Plus, the finger placement is the same as those of the clarinet, saxophone, and flute. Recorders are available in various materials, but most commonly are wood or plastic, with the latter being the less expensive option often chosen by beginners.


The ukulele is another very popular instrument for new musicians first cutting their teeth. One reason is that you can find a ukulele for sale online that is typically much less expensive than a guitar would be. Additionally, it is easier for children's smaller hands to grasp and play the ukulele. Much easier to learn due to fewer strings, you can master the ukulele's hand patterns before moving up to a six-string guitar.


A better choice for adults than children, harmonicas are still a great option for anybody interested in learning to play an instrument. What makes the harmonica wonderful for novices is that nearly every sound you make can be considered “in key,” even if it’s not the specific note you wanted. Some beginners understand the instrument in as little as a few hours.


While not always new-user friendly, pianos are still among the easiest musical instruments for beginners to learn. The piano is a great instrument to learn because of the incredible skill cap involved in mastering the instrument. While it’s usually simple to understand the basics of a keyboard, it truly takes time to reach the instrument’s full potential. This instrument is an excellent introduction for children learning to play their first instrument and, if they continue to practice, the piano will grow with them as they age.

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