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Electronic vs. Acoustic Drum Kits: Which Is Best for You?

By Chris Vale April 27, 2021 0 comments

Everybody knows that learning to play a musical instrument is good for any age group. Previously, aspiring drummers had few options, thanks to limitations almost entirely outside of their control. But thanks to the growth of electronic varieties, there are suddenly more drum choices than ever before. This guide will help you decide which is best for you between electronic and acoustic drum kits.


For many drummers, the most important thing when they get behind any kit is playability. And for that, there is simply no comparison to the real thing on an acoustic kit. Many drummers struggle to adapt to electronic kits because playing on the pads doesn’t provide the same physical feedback. While it is possible to create an electronic kit that resembles acoustic, it simply cannot offer the same feel like the real thing.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that drums are very, very loud. One of the biggest perks to choosing an electronic kit is the reduced volume, thanks to the ability to plug in headphones or directly into a computer in some cases. For many with noise constraints, the volume output will be the deciding factor of which is best for you between electronic and acoustic drum kits.


A full-size acoustic drum kit takes up a much more significant amount of space than its electronic counterparts. Once you factor in the kick drum and cymbal stand, the total footprint becomes even more extensive, making it a no-go for those with spatial concerns. On the other hand, electronic drums take up much space even with the optional equipment to make it feel like a “real” set. The smaller size also means it is more portable than acoustic kits, making it an excellent option to quickly set up and disassemble as your practice schedule dictates.


Dynamic control is where things really skew in favor of acoustic drum kits. An acoustic drum kit can manipulate the sound based on how hard or where on the drum head you strike, regardless of the set’s cost. This is something that simply isn’t an option for most inexpensive electronic kits. And with the money you save from buying an acoustic set, you can add soundproofing to the room you turn into your practice station.

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