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Fender Launches the New Player Plus Meteora

By Angie Vavra March 15, 2022

Exciting news from Fender today as they launch the brand new Player Plus Meteora Guitar and Player Plus Active Metora Bass!

You can see the full lineup here.


This New Player Plus Meteora is not your typical Fender Telecaster or Stratocaster that everyone knows and loves. It is packed with features that will leave even the most die hard Fender players looking to add one of these new-age designs to their guitar arsenals.



What Makes The Player Plus Meteora Unique?

The neck feels familiar enough, with a  25.5" scale length, modern "C" shape and 12" radius. The body is probably what the Player Plus Meteora apart from the typical Fender lineup. It's some sort of space-age combination of a Jazz-Master and a Tele. The body has a forearm rest and a belly-cut with a pick-guard that resembles a telecaster custom.

The electronics are probably just as unique. Fender has made a handful of two humbucker guitars, But the Meteora is different in that is a two humbucker that can be coil-split. The Fireball humbuckers be coil-split via the S-1 switch. Add to that one volume and two tone controls. Yeah this guitar can cover a lot of ground.

Other features are an Alder Body, Maple Neck, the knobs are also a very fast knob with a knurled flat top. Two really big upgrades on in the Player Plus series that have happened since their initial launch is the Two Point Synchronized Tremolo System and Deluxe Locking Tuners.

Exciting New Finish Options

Available in 4 colors

Three  Belair Blue, Cosmic Jade, Silverburst, Three Color Sunburst. All for colors prove to turn some heads! Get out there and check these out.


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