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Fender Player Series - The Sweet Spot for Strats?

By Issac Biehl March 06, 2023


If you've played guitar, you're probably familiar with the most popular body shapes, the most ubiquitous of them arguably being the Stratocaster. Introduced in the 1950's, this guitar shape is clearly here to stay. You can find Strats for sale at a great number of different price points across Fender's various subsidiaries and brands, but today, we are going to take a deeper dive into Fender's "Player" series Stratocasters.



For the "Player"

Fender's Player series Strats are the lowest-priced Strats that bear the hallmark of Fender on the headstock. If you want a Strat for less money, you'll be looking at Fender's Squier offerings. Squier Strats have come a long way in recent years, but it should be noted that the entry level to having a real-deal "Fender" strat is the Player. Player series guitars also differ from their Squier counterparts in that they are made in Mexico, as apposed to Squiers, which are made in China or Indonesia. They feature better quality control, better handiwork, and of course, the Fender moniker on the headstock. 


Valuable Features

Feature-wise, the Player Strat carries a myriad of appointments at an attractive price point. Both the HSS (Humbucker - Single - Single Pickup Configuration) and the SSS (Single - Single - Single Pickup Configuration) version are available in 12 finishes with 2 different fingerboard options. The Player Strat features a 2-point synchronized tremolo, which carries a number of advantages over the traditional 6-point trem. For a little extra scratch, you can get yourself into a Player strat with some extra features, like a flame maple top or even a Floyd Rose double locking tremolo system. 


Why Buy?

Any Player series strat can currently be purchased brand new from Yandas Music for less than a thousand dollars, even if you choose to get the upgraded top or the double locking tremolo version. At such a price point, these features are a fantastic value. Whether you're a newer player looking to upgrade to something you can rely on in a gigging or recording situation, or a more experienced player who doesn't want to bring your trophy strat to the show, the Player Strat fills a niche in the market with an attractive set of features. 



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