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Handy Things You Should Know Before Buying a Ukulele

By Yandas Music June 18, 2021 0 comments

From folk music to rock-n-roll, the ukulele has been around since the 1800s and has recently made quite the resurgence. If you’ve decided it’s the instrument for you, you’ve made a wise and classical choice. Just as with any instrument, it’s hard to know where to begin when choosing a new ukulele. We’ve got a few handy things you should know before buying a ukulele. Follow along and let’s get you strumming.

Size Matters

The most common ukulele is the soprano. However, the ukulele is available in other sizes, including baritone, tenor, and concert size. These larger ukuleles have bigger fret boards that are helpful if your hands are tough to squeeze onto the soprano.

Electric or Acoustic

The acoustic ukulele is a classic and perfect for beginners and those having fun at home. If you plan on performing in a band or on stage, you may want to consider an electro-acoustic ukulele for better sound. These are hooked up to an amp so the sound pumps through a speaker.

Your Budget

A budget of course, makes a difference in what you choose. Decide on the size, acoustic or electric, then choose according to your budget. Take into consideration why you are getting a ukulele. Is it just for fun to learn a little here and there? In that case, don’t go overboard in spending. If you’re in the market for a concert performing ukulele, then you shouldn’t buy one until your budget allows for a high-quality instrument.


When buying any instrument, it’s seldom just the instrument. There are usually helpful accessories to go along with it. Here are some important accessories to consider when buying your ukulele:

  • Tuning pegs — to keep your ukulele in tune and help out in not having to constantly tune every time you pick it up.
  • Performance bag — protects the instrument during storage and transportation.
  • A tuner — the tuner helps in more accurately tuning your ukulele.
  • Plenty of picks — save your fingers and keep plenty of picks around for strumming.

So, there you have it. The handy things you should know before buying a ukulele are knowing how to choose the right size, decide if you need acoustical or electro-acoustic, set your budget, and decide on accessories. More than anything, choose the ukulele that suits you best. When an instrument is chosen carefully, they create a lifetime of enjoyment.

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