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How To Match an Instrument To Your Child's Personality

By Chris Vale May 26, 2021

Allowing children to experiment with music is known to have abundant positive effects. Music alleviates stress and calms a child’s nerves. It exercises their brains and improves fine motor skills. Best of all, music is enjoyable and brings a sense of accomplishment. The hardest part is deciding what instrument to play. Let’s look at how to match an instrument to your child’s personality. You may be surprised by what suits your child best.


Don’t worry, Mom and Dad, percussion means more than a loud drum set in your garage (although that may happen). Percussion includes drums, xylophone, maracas, and even the woodblock. You’ve probably guessed it, but your energetic and restless child was born for percussion. Sure, it’s sometimes the loudest option, but your bundle of energy will now have a place to release all their enthusiasm.


The piano is considered a great starting instrument because a child can quickly make a pleasant sound, which is also pleasant for the entire house. In general, your quiet and inquisitive child may enjoy the piano.


Do you have a patient child who can excel on their own but is also great in a team setting? The violin, cello, and other string instruments may be right for them. These instruments require patience and are well worth the work when mastered. This is an instrument that will bring a tremendous feeling of accomplishment to a child.


Instruments such as the trombone or trumpet were designed with the extrovert in mind. If your friendly and outgoing child thrives on the energy of a crowded room or knows how to take the lead, let them entertain the crowd with a powerful piece of brass.


We aren’t sure why, but it seems that many woodwind players have an excellent sense of humor and lively personalities. How fun is that? Let your child give this a try themselves. Your witty jokester may enjoy the clarinet, oboe, or flute.

Folk Instruments

The creative, introverted, or intellectual child is often drawn to folk instruments like the banjo, guitar, ukulele, or mandolin. This is a fun genre that has increased in popularity in recent years. You may have a banjo-picking genius on your hands.

In the end, make music a joy in your home. Allow your child to go with their gut and choose the instrument they feel drawn to. Use this personality comparison as a guide if they have a hard time choosing. Remember that everyone has their own personality. Your child may want to play an instrument you don’t find enjoyable at all.

Yandas Music is passionate about matching an instrument to your child’s personality and helping families along that journey. We are passionate about all music and believe it greatly benefits children of all ages. We are your trusted source to buy folk instruments, as well as many others, such as drums and guitar. Contact us today to get your child on the road to the joy of music.

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