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How To Transform a Regular Room Into a Home Music Studio

By Paige Pesko March 22, 2021 0 comments

Recording an album is a dream come true for many aspiring musicians. Original recordings are the best opportunity to turn your passion for music into a career. But professional studio time is prohibitively expensive, limiting opportunities for up-and-coming acts to make a name for themselves. Luckily for struggling musicians everywhere, there has been explosive growth in inexpensive yet high-quality recording equipment. Here are some tips for how to transform a regular room into a home music studio.

Crank the Volume Down

Noise pollution is a real problem for many performers, impacting relationships with friends and family alike. Even musicians that live alone can still struggle with upset neighbors. Fortunately, there are many options for controlling the noise where you will be recording. Soundproofing the room keeps noise from escaping and prevents outside noise from entering the space to ruin recordings. Acoustic foam for the walls and rugs for the flooring both help deaden sounds and are a good place for most to start.

Arrange Your Hardware

You also have to decide how to arrange your hardware. Your recording equipment and instruments should dictate the layout of the room

Recording Equipment

The equipment necessary to record takes up a large amount of space in any room. If you are recording by yourself, ensure the computer you are recording to is within easy reach. When recording with others, there is much more leeway for the room’s layout.


Keep instruments of the same type near each other to make swaps easier. If you are recording drums, consider adding a drum shield for additional support in reducing noise.

Don’t Forget the Stage

It isn’t a stretch to want to play at home for friends, family, and fans, either in-person or over the internet. Having a small stage in your recording area makes you look professional and shows that you take your art seriously. A comfortable chair, microphone, your instrument, and a few stage lighting fixtures are the only things you need to put on a concert from the comfort of your own home.

At Yandas Music, we know how to transform a regular room into a home music studio because we’ve been doing it for years. Our expert staff can get you set up with all the equipment you need to turn your spare room into your own private music distribution center. Stop into one of our shops or check out our online store today for more information.

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