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Must-Have Accessories for Your Digital Piano

By Yandas Music June 07, 2021 0 comments

Whether you play for fun at home or pack up on the weekends for gigs, digital pianos are the right choice when you’re tight on space or wanting a piano to transport. Digital pianos offer accessories that make them even more pleasurable to play. Let’s take a look at some must-have accessories for your digital piano.

Take a Seat

Digital pianos are convenient because you can set them up just about anywhere. Still, get in the habit of sitting on a stool or bench designed for piano playing. Even though the instrument is digital, you’re still learning or perfecting your piano skills and will want to create good habits with your posture while playing.

For Your Ears Only

Let’s talk about headphones because they are reason enough to invest in a digital piano. Headphones plug right into the digital piano and block the sound from coming through the speakers. This is, of course, great if you live with other people. Besides that, new players sometimes feel more confident playing for their ears only, or they benefit from blocking out every other noise and hearing only the sound of what they’re playing.

Change It up With a Foot Pedal

Foot pedals are a piano player’s best friend. You can change up notes by conveniently stepping down on a pedal with your foot. They’re fun to mess around with to see the different types of sounds you can make and are one of the must-have accessories for your digital piano.

Protect From Dust

Get a dust cover to protect your investment. Instruments are expensive, and dust, grease, and grime affect the way your digital piano plays. Don’t take any chances. When you’re done for the day, throw the dust cover on the piano.

Take It With You

It’s possible that you’re considering or have already chosen a digital piano for its convenience. If you played the trumpet, transportation would be easier, but you don’t; you dig the keys. However, this classic instrument is tough to take on the go. Luckily, specific cases are designed to safely cover digital pianos, making them much easier to carry. Enjoy gigs with your band much more with a carrying case.

Light It Up

A small clip-on light makes a world of difference when reading music on your digital piano. Keep one clipped to the piano and flip it on when needed.

Use Memory Cards

Unlike a traditional acoustic piano, many digital pianos offer a place to add a memory card and actually record what you play. Some also have the option of recording right on the piano and playing back your recording. However, with a memory card, you can record your music, then download it to your computer. Pretty cool!

Enjoy learning and perfecting the digital piano as you use a few of the accessories we touched on. Remember that practice makes progress, but an accessory here and there helps.

At Yandas Music, we are passionate about every instrument and love helping others find their own musical gifts and passions. We are the trusted source to buy music keyboards online, along with drums, guitars, and many other instruments. Contact us, and together we’ll find the instrument, accessories, and encouragement you need.

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