Fender Launches The New Squier Paranomal Series

By Adam Eschliman June 12, 2020 0 comments

Summer NAMM may be canceled this year thanks to the RONA, but that isn't stopping Fender from releasing and exciting new line of Squier guitars. 

The Paranormal series revives a few iconic body shapes, such as the Super-sonic, Toronado & Cyclone. The new lineup also features a Baritone Cabronita tele and Jazz Bass all around the $399.99 price point. This offers a great opportunity for experienced players to experiment with different setups and tones at an easy to afford Squier price.


>See The Full Lineup Here<


Paranormal Super-Sonic

Finish Options: Ice Blue Metallic, Black

The Paranormal Super-Sonic™ is stranger than fiction with its reverse body shape and headstock, producing massive tone courtesy of its dual Squier Atomic humbucking pickups.


Paranormal Cyclone

Finish Options: Shell Pink, Daphne Blue

The Paranomal Cylone offers something for everyone. With a small offset body shape borrowed from the Mustang®, pickups and vintage-style tremolo from a Stratocaster®, and controls from a Jaguar®, this guitar delivers standout style and versatile tone perfect for any musical genre.


Paranormal Jazz Bass '54

Finish Opitons: Butterscotch Blonde, White Blonde 

The Paranormal Jazz Bass® ’54 turns fiction into reality, combining the easy playability and tonal versatility of the J Bass® with the classic looks of its older sibling, the 1954 Precision Bass®. 


Paranormal Toronado

Finish Options: Black, Lake Placid Blue

The Toronado is known for it's sleek curves, highly playable "C" shaped neck and thick humbucker tone.


Paranormal Barione Cabronita Tele

Finish Options: Black

Fender-Designed alnico single-coil soapbar pickups and Cabronita Tele styling, this baritone model is the perfect companion to accompany any player into uncharted territory.


Paranormal Cabronita Tele Thinline

Finish Options: Olympic White, Fiesta Red

Featuring dual Fender-Designed alnico Jazzmaster® single-coil pickups and Cabronita Tele styling, this semi-hollow model provides versatile tones perfect for a variety of musical settings.


Paranormal Offset Tele

Finish Options: Natural, Surf Green

Tele twang with the comfort of the offest Jazzmaster body. The Paranormal Offset Telecaster® is the quintessential mashup of Fender features.

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