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The Many Reasons Children Should Learn a Musical Instrument

By Yandas Music May 07, 2021

Music is an integral part of everyone’s childhood. Many of us can still recite the nursery rhymes we first learned when we were toddlers and preschoolers. Along with its prominence in our everyday lives, music can benefit kids in many different ways, especially when they learn how to play their own music. Here are five of the many reasons children should learn a musical instrument.

Better Memory

One of the most significant benefits many kids experience when learning an instrument is an improvement in their overall memory. The process of discovering how to make the object in your hand produce the sound you want creates and strengthens pathways in your brain that teach you how to repeat that noise. These connections improve the way the brain makes, stores, and accesses memories more efficiently.

Teaches Perseverance

Learning a new skill takes practice and perseverance—two skills many children struggle to master. But picking up an instrument can motivate children to learn to play their favorite music. Achieving their musical goals creates a sense of accomplishment and teaches children that they can do anything if they are willing to put in the work.

Improves Social Skills

As children become more comfortable playing music, they often become more confident in sharing their love of music with others. Through playing with other musicians and talking about their shared passion, kids learn valuable social skills they may not otherwise develop. This is one of the many reasons children should learn a musical instrument.

Fosters Creativity

It should come as no surprise to anybody that playing music fosters creativity, especially in children. After learning the basics, many children will go on to further explore their capabilities on the instrument. Due to the emotional connection many children and adults have with music, playing can stimulate different areas of the brain, changing the way they think and making them more creative.

Relieve Stress

Finally, playing music is an excellent reliever of stress, no matter the age. Playing music helps lower the heart rate, calming situations down and allowing people to feel more relaxed. This is important in children, especially during a time when emotionally charged experiences are rampant.

At Yandas Music, we understand that children face many challenges when learning to play an instrument. Our friendly staff is here to help every step of the way by offering live chat support while you buy instruments online. Stop in at one of our retail locations or visit the online shop today to help the child in your life take their first step down a musical path.

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