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Miles' Top 5 Guitar Finishes

By Miles Margritz August 14, 2020 0 comments

With all of the quality guitar manufacturers in the world today, I had a difficult time narrowing this list down to just 5. After much angst and a few sleepless nights, I present to you my top 5 list of Best Guitar Finishes. Drop a comment and let us know some of your favorites!


I limited this list to current production models. We will save the custom builds for another discussion. As I was compiling this list, I noticed that they all have apparent wood grain and a burst to the finish adding layers of dimension to each one. “Is this dude is just against solid colors or the vintage look?” Absolutely not!!! I love a good Sonic Blue Strat or a Butter Scotch Blonde Tele and Fiesta Red will always be a dream guitar of mine. But there is something about these woody burst finishes that get's me drooling like steak searing on a hot pan. 


Suhr Modern Plus Trans Charcoal Burst

 The combination of the Flamed Maple and the dark edges make this finish a looker!


Ibanez RG11220PBZ Charcoal Black Burst

There is so much depth to this finish with the burl top and how the grey fades to black on the edges. Some Great work Ibanez!

Ernie Ball Music Man Sabre Cobra Burst

Ernie Ball is definitely a front-runner when it comes to high quality guitar finishes. And the Cobra Burst is no exception! So much depth to the finish, just breath taking!!!

Ibanez AZ226PB Cerulean Blue Burst

Ibanez hit the list again with the Cerulean Blue Burst. The Burl is where the magic happens and the blue is just the icing on the cake! So Gorgeous!!!

PRS Custom 24 Violet Blue Burst

Now I think every single finish PRS makes could have easily made this list but this was my top 5 list not my top PRS finishes... I kid, I kid. PRS makes some insane finishes and the Violet Blue Burst is one of them. So many layers of detail its like staring into the ocean.

You've seen and heard all about my favorite finishes let's see yours!!! Comment one or two of your favorite finishes so we can see what you're in to. And stay tuned for more to come!

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