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What You Need To Get Started With DJ Lighting

By Yandas Music June 24, 2021 0 comments

As a DJ, your job is to create an atmosphere of energy and an event that all the guests can’t stop talking about. When we hear the word “DJ,” we instantly think of music. And although that’s a big reason why the DJ is hired, it takes more than music to get people out on the dance floor. Get the party started with lighting that wows the crowd, along with your dazzling personality, of course. We’ve got a list of what you need to get started with DJ lighting to help you out.

Make a Plan

You’ve no doubt seen some DJ gigs that impressed you and some that left you thinking, “Remind me never to do that.” Beyond the music and personality, the lights were part of what brought everything together. Start there to get an idea of what kind of lighting you want as a DJ.

Consider Your Audience

Who are you entertaining? A younger crowd doing the latest dance moves requires different lighting than a mature crowd at a country club event. You may know what you enjoy in lighting, but always consider the type of music, the atmosphere, and who you’re entertaining.

Let’s take a look at the lights you should get right now for DJing.


Laser lighting takes a little practice but it’s well worth it. Lasers get people’s attention and really liven up the mood. However, they can also hurt someone’s eyes if you aren’t careful. Add a laser light to your repertoire but practice using it at home or in the backyard before you spring it on guests for the first time. We recommend the Galaxian 3d MkII laser light, which is portable, offers green and red laser effects, and is easily projected over the crowd, on the wall, or on the ceiling, creating a fun energy in the room.

Wash Light

Wash lights come in many colors and look really cool when mixed together. You can create all kinds of moods with wash lights, and they are a quick way to get a colorful show going. Here’s an interesting thought. Different colors affect our moods and thoughts, so what mood are you going for? Consider these fun color moods as you choose: red = sexy or angry, white = unfiltered and bold, pink = love and cheer, and blue = calm.

Remote and Digital Control

Many DJing lights are controlled with a wireless remote control or digitally controlled using software installed on your computer. This is great, as it leaves your hands free and eliminates the need for messy wires and cables.

There are a lot of lighting options available, but to get you started, the laser, wash light, and remote or digitally controlled lights are what you should focus on as you figure out what you need to get started with DJ lighting.

Yandas Music has your DJ lighting needs covered with LED special effects lighting, along with many other DJ lighting choices. Shop our music store online or give us a call, and we’ll help you choose the right lighting for your DJ business.

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