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Tradition Of Excellence Book 1 - Baritone T.C.

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Treble clef baritone instruction in the form of a method book!

Tradition of Excellence Book 1 for Baritone T.C. is the ideal method book as part of a band, or for an individual.  Beginning baritone players will find the easy-to-understand text, simple fingering charts, and color-coordinated technique boxes helpful in each of the lessons.  This is a perfect method for students switching form the trumpet, or who are more comfortable reading in treble clef.  The Baritone T.C. method offers options for beginning on both C and G so that every beginning player is successful right off the bat!  Each book comes with a DVD that displays recorded lessons, practicing tips, and visual examples of techniques specific to the baritone.  Kjos Music Company has been a leader in instrumental method books for years, but the new technology in Tradition of Excellence is second to none!

Key Features

  • Baritone T.C.-specific lesson DVD
  • Performance-centered method book
  • Perfect blend of classic and contemporary instruction

Join the low brass family with Tradition of Excellence Book 1!

Full Features

  • Book one introduces over ten notes and includes a student-range fingering chart
  • Students are exposed to basic rhythms including dotted quarter notes and simple syncopation
  • Introduces the concert Bb, Eb, and F scales
  • Opportunities for beginning composition and improvization
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